10 Reasons to join our Aspen Party Tour

skiing for singles

April 28, 2016

We’ve taken skiing for singles to the next level. So if you want to take your skiing to the next level and maybe meet your future wife or husband in the process, read on…

1. A designated party tour for single skiers
Our Ski Aspen Party Tour is a one-of-a-kind skiing, aprés and party ski holiday. Our on-snow program will take your skiing to the next level and our regular aprés activities are the perfect way for you to meet and mingle with like-minded single skiers. Want to meet your future husband or wife… you might well. Want to ski with the best instructors/guides in North America… tick. Want a “What happens in Aspen stays in Aspen holiday”… you found it.

2. 120 bars, restaurants and clubs
When the skiing is done, Aspen has no equal when it comes to eating out and going out. We show you where to go and on what nights. We know exactly where to find the best bang for your buck and we’ll match the venue to your budget. 39 Degrees, The Little Nell and Ajax Tavern are our warm-up venues of choice… and they’re all on your way home!

3. More free stuff
When you join Ski Aspen, you get lots of free stuff. Book a 10, 15 or 20 night package with us and get a free Hotham / Falls Creek season pass. Join us for 20 nights and you’ll also get a FREE PAIR OF SKIS. All our guests get free demo ski days courtesy of Aspen Sports. Add to this the many sponsored aprés sessions, prizes and give-aways on tour and you’ll agree Ski Aspen is miles ahead when it comes to value.

4. When it dumps snow, we know where to go
4 mountains = loads of choice. But after a storm, where can you ski fresh all day and where will it get tracked out? The thing about Aspen – because of the incredible choice available – is one size doesn’t have to fit all. If you’re an advanced skier you need to hit the right runs on the right mountain. If you’re at the intermediate or lower level, then you also need to choose carefully which mountain you’re going to ski on a powder day. So to get the most out of an epic Colorado snowfall, it’s your ability level that should determine the mountain you’re going to ski that day. Needless to say we know exactly where to go to get the best turns on any given ski day.

Skiing for singles doesn’t get better

5. Late night hot-tub sessions
These have grown in popularity the last few years. After a huge ski day, an even bigger aprés session and a big night out, there is nothing better than a 1am hot-tub session with your new ski buddies. This is Aspen people so giddy-up. Remember, what happens in Aspen stays in Aspen.

6. Heaps of free food and drinks
“Who else does this?”.  This is one question we want you to ask yourself when comparing us with other agents selling Aspen ski holidays. We work incredibly hard off-snow to create vibrant social events where people can mingle and get to know each other. This is an important part of our skiing for singles party tour. Here’s a snapshot of some of the events you can expect to see on your Aspen itinerary:

  1. Soon after arriving in Aspen we kick-off with a welcome party. Plenty of food and drinks (all included) is the perfect way to break the ice with your new ski friends.
  2. A day or so later the crew at Aspen Sports return fire and host their own aprés party for all our guests. Now you’re getting to know everyone!
  3. Our Ski Aspen hosted aprés sessions are the stuff of legend and our runs are on the board when it comes to aprés after a big ski day… we supply the food and drinks to get things started.
  4. Our partners at The Aspen Skiing Company also host a fantastic event for all our guests every year. The Wildwood is the perfect warm-up for a big night out. You won’t need any dinner after this one.
  5. Cloud 9 lunch – always dangerous – see item 7 below.
  6. Cocktail parties – we have at least one of these each tour.
  7. Video analysis evenings are always combined with an aprés event.
  8. Final night dinner and awards – every tour.

7. We’ll get you into Cloud 9
Take our word for it, reservations at Cloud 9 are hard to get. But not for us. Our Cloud 9 days are special. We start early on snow and ski hard until 1pm. Then we down tools and enjoy an awesome Cloud 9 restaurant lunch on mountain. After lunch the DJ turns up the tunes and the place goes wild. This is one of the quintessential Aspen experiences. Depending on the crowd, clothes often become optional. This is a skiing for singles mecca. With the warm-up done, Cloud 9 days always roll into a huge Aspen night.

8. Awesome live bands up close and personal
For a ski town the size and reputation of Aspen, it’s probably an anomaly that there is only really one major venue when it comes to live bands. That venue is Belly Up Aspen and it’s hands down one of the best live music venues this author has experienced (and regularly!). With limited tickets available for every performance, including booths and seating options just metres from the stage, everyone feels like they’re up close and personal with the act. And we’re talking major acts. Some of the bands to have played recently at Belly Up Aspen include: Counting Crows, Empire of the Sun, Moby, ZZ Top, America, Chris Isaak, Everlast, Tenacious D, Dandy Warhols, John Butler Trio, Weezer, DeadMau5, Bare Naked Ladies and Gomez.

9. On-snow video and film
Notice the heading says “On-snow video and film”. Just wanted to emphasise that because everyone gets a little nervous when the iPhone comes out during a 1am hot-tub session! Okay, our renowned ski program is one thing but we also include important video analysis sessions to make sure you understand what you need to be working on. An extension of these sessions are the videos we take of our guests skiing long Aspen runs top to bottom. We know that everyone feels the pressure when they’re trying to make their best turns skiing towards a camera – and it’s not easy to ski your best in this situation. So our team will also be switching on their GoPros to film your skiing and sometimes you won’t even know it’s happening. The purpose of this is to capture your skiing in a natural and relaxed state i.e. how you really ski! This has become a great tool in helping us improve the skiing of all our guests.

10. Read what our past guests say
If we still haven’t convinced you then why don’t you read (and watch) what some of our past guests have had to say. We’ve been running our tours in Aspen for over 20 years and enjoy a guest return rate of around 70%. You don’t end up with numbers like this if you aren’t doing something right!