The Ski Aspen Story

the ski aspen story

The Ski Aspen story begins back in 1995 with a guy named Nick Farr

Nick wanted to show people the real Aspen. That it isn’t all glitz, glamour and movie stars. That it doesn’t cost a million bucks to holiday there. So with a small group and the Aspen Skiing Company’s support and endorsement, Nick began running ski tours from Australia.

Nick blended together all the things he loved about skiing. Lots of miles and time on snow, infamous après events, accommodation in unbeatable locations and all for the right price.

The snowball effect started to happen and one tour per season turned into 2 tours, then 3, then 4. Progressively the business and the team grew and evolved into who and what we are today. And we’ve seen some great successes over the years. Most importantly, we’ve always managed to keep our ski packages affordable and fun.

Fast forward to 2016. This year we want to show Aussie skiers a new way to holiday. We wanted to show you that it’s time to start expecting a lot more from your ski trips. And we believe Ski Aspen will completely change what you expect from overseas ski holidays.

So after 21 successful years in business, we’ve relaunched our packages with more than ever before.  We’re offering new and unbeatable packages, with heaps more value and all at the best price you’ll find when it comes to Aspen. We’re aiming to shake up the ski industry and show the Australian skiing public that there is a better alternative to simply booking ‘the same old ski holiday’.

And so the Ski Aspen story continues. With an entirely new range of ski packages, we’re excited to see what you think. We’re quietly confident that we’ll change the way people view ski holidays from here on, so we invite you to take a look at our packages, read and watch our testimonials and get in touch if you have any questions or just want to chat.

Welcome to a new kind of ski holiday.

Welcome to Ski Aspen.