Which Tour?

which tour

August 31, 2015

It’s a great question. And one that’s pretty important. So which Tour?

As you may have seen, Tour 3, 2016 is already full. While this is great news for those who booked early, it’s sad for anyone who missed out. In light of this, it’s a good time to discuss which Tour is best for you…

Which Tour is right for you?

Family Tour (Jan 7-22)

The Family Tour is nearly full. We have just two family spaces left.

However, if you’re not a family and these dates suit you, we have 6 – 8 adult spaces available. Secure your place as soon as you can because they’re not likely to remain available for long.

While titled the family Tour, we’ll often have a number of Adult only bookings joining this Tour too.

The daily routine works well for both family and non-family bookings. When meeting the Guides in the morning, kids are taken to Ski School by our Kids Supervisor Team. This leaves the adults to jump into groups and head off with the Guides for the day. The on-snow program adopts the usual format of groups divided into ability, speed and daring categories, ensuring everyone skis what and how they want to.

We’ve very proud of our unique on-snow program as it has partly lead to the fantastic return rate of guests that we have today.

At the end of the ski day, the routine is similar to our other Tours. Adults head from the slopes to our après events while the Kids Supervisors collect the kids from Ski School and either bring them to après or take them back to the condos. We’ve found this makes for the most relaxed, happy and hassle free routine for everyone – parents, kids and non-families.

The secret about the family Tour is this – We take less adults! So while we have 25-28 adults on our other Tours, we’re likely to have around 15 or less on the Family Tour. So if its attention to your skiing you’re after or smaller groups, booking the family Tour might be the right choice for you.

If the family Tour isn’t right for you, which Tour should you look at next?

Tour 2 (Jan 22- Feb 6)

Tour 2. The original. The ever classic. To some, it’s the iconic Tour, and for years, it’s been the most popular. In 2015, we had a 100% return rate on Tour 2. Something that even wowed Ski Aspen founder Nick Farr.

So why choose Tour 2? It times perfectly for the drop in airline prices. Aussie school holidays are over and that signals the start of cheaper return flights to LA, San Fran, Denver and into Aspen.

Tour 2 is also a time where the snow picks up. Let us be clear – we’re not saying that December and January are snowless… however there are ‘normally’ a few more noticeable dumps from Tour 2 onwards. Perhaps another reason for this Tours popularity…

Once you’ve experienced a Ski Aspen Tour, this next statement makes a whole lot more sense – Tour 2 has also been so popular because as returning guests keep coming back, friendships form and it becomes a great holiday to ‘catch up’ with others who share the same interests as you. You’ll see in our photos and videos, each Tour is immensely sociable. You can choose to fill every night with dinners and events, as there is always something happening – Get involved as much or as little as you like!

Still not sure if these two Tours are for you? For 2016 options, this leaves only Tour 4 to examine in our ‘Which Tour’ question.

Tour 4 (Feb 21 – Mar 7)

Entering its second year as an official Tour date, Tour 4 showed us it has the power to astonish. With the most snowfall of any Tour in 2015 and 2014, Tour 4 blew our minds with clockwork snowfalls…

For nearly the whole Tour, it went – Wake up to a few feet of snow on the ground, sunshine and blue skies – Ski all day in the most incredible conditions – Celebrate at après – And at 5pm every evening… The clouds rolled in and it started snowing… again!

All fingers and toes are crossed for a repeat in 2016, and given that Aspen’s snowfall generally picks up in late February into March, we could well be getting face-shots and skiing the soft, dry Colorado Powder day after day again.

So which Tour suits you?

If you want to learn more or have any questions about which Tour to choose, contact us and we’ll help you decide which Tour is right for you.

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