Ski Aspen 2017 has arrived

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April 1, 2016

Hi, it’s been a while.
If you joined us on-tour in 2016 you’ll have had plenty of time to get back into the normal routine.

If you didn’t quite make it to Aspen in 2016 – it’s been a long while. And you won’t have heard the news. We’ve been working behind the scenes for a long time to change the future of ski holidays. It starts with the words Ski Aspen 2017 and we’re ready to share the future with you.

Ski Aspen 2017 is here in 3… 2…1… 

Welcome to the all-new Ski Aspen 2017 package range.
Choice, value and affordability have been the goals since 1995. We’ve had our sights set on going bigger and better than any one else – in every area of Aspen ski holidays. Let’s take you through it…

4 Tours is so 2016. Ski Aspen 2017 gives you 13 packages to choose from.

Don’t have much holiday available? On a budget?
Look at our 10 night packages.

Want what you’re used to? Want a little longer in Aspen?
Stick with our 15 night packages.

Want more? More of absolutely everything?
Choose our ultimate 20 night packages.

No matter which length of stay appeals, you’ll now choose from 3 levels of accommodation. Each offers something different and are priced accordingly:

  • Cheap and cheerful? Select the Base-level
  • Location, location, location? Select the Mid-level
  • All out luxury? Select the Lux-level

Get more. And more. And more. After all, you deserve it.

We know – There are so many choices when it comes to ski holidays. We feel privileged to have the guest return rate that we do. So we want to say thanks in a big way. And for those who’ve never travelled with us – we want to make you say ‘wow’.

Book any 10 night package and you’ll receive a free 2017 Hotham/Falls Creek season pass.

Book any 15 night package and you’ll receive a free 2016 2-day Thredbo lift pass and a free 2017 Hotham/Falls Creek season pass.

Book any 20 night package and your receive a free 2016 2-day Thredbo lift pass and a free 2017 Hotham/Falls Creek season pass AND a free set of skis that you get to choose and keep. And yep, they come with bindings. You’ll also get free unlimited demos to help you find the perfect ski.

We’ve also grown our team to provide you the absolute best on and off snow service that’s available. We believe we have a team that trumps all others. Qualifications, experience, passion and a little bit of crazy. We have the best of the best – no question.

No one should pay more when they can pay less. We’ve never been greedy – and the proof’s in the pudding. When the Aussie dollar rose dramatically a few years ago, we gave money back to everyone who booked. Who else does this?

We don’t price our packages in line with our competition because we’re a team of passionate skiers. We love the mountains and the lifestyle that comes with being in the snow – and it’s got to be affordable to get there. We’re serious when we say we want to share the Aspen experience.

We take affordability one step further for a limited time. Book while our 2017 early bird rates are available and you’ll get:

10 night early bird packages from $4,990. Normal from price $5,490. Save $500
15 night early bird packages from $6,790. Normal from price$7,490. Save $700
20 night early bird packages from $9,390. Normal from price $10,390. Save $1000

(Early bird bookings are limited. Don’t wait too long to book as you really might miss out. Pricing will return to normal)

We understand you’ve worked hard for your holiday. That’s why our service and pricing is second to none. Join us in Aspen and everything is taken care of – all you have to do is enjoy your holiday.

So what’s next?
Well, that’s up to you. If choice, value and affordability are some of the things you look for in a ski holiday, we think you’ll really like our new Ski Aspen 2017 packages.

Got a question? Contact us anytime to chat about our Ski Aspen 2017 packages.

See what Aspen has to say for itself. visit