Yoga and skiing

October 29, 2015

It’s that time of year where our team and some guests are preparing for Aspen. With just over two months before our 2016 Tours begin, we’re dedicating a number of blog posts to pre-skiing fitness. And this blog is all thanks to our friends at Yoga Corner in Melbourne – yoga and skiing.

Yoga and Skiing Guide

Yoga and skiing are a fantastic combination for a number of reasons. One notable reason is injury prevention.

Lots of skiers experience mild strains, aches and pains that are completely preventable by preparing your muscles for skiing. Combining yoga and skiing to prevent such injuries is simple. With as little as 10 – 20 minutes of yoga before skiing, you’ll awaken and prepare your skiing muscles for the day ahead.

Resident Ski Aspen Guide Rob, has been witnessed for many years performing his yoga routine in the guide’s condo before breakfast each morning.

Yoga and skiing – A great combination

And for Rob, it’s not just yoga and skiing. Rob will complete his yoga routine every single day of the year. Rob is a great example of how preparing your body and mind sets you up for success. If you’ve had the opportunity to ski with Rob, you know he can even put the youngsters to shame by skiing longer and harder than anyone… and with the biggest smile on his face all day long.

The positive effects yoga has are not only physical, but also mental, and can change your outlook on any tasks for the day ahead. Common descriptions are feeling recharged and fresh with a positive outlook for the day after performing yoga in the morning. And some people have also commented that yoga before bedtime can help you fall asleep easier and/or sleep better.

So for those joining us to Aspen, it sounds like yoga and skiing compliment each other extremely well. And it could be a gentle introduction into preparing yourself for the powder days to come!

Want to discuss yoga and skiing more? Or do you want to learn or better your own yoga practice? Yoga Corner is based in Melbourne’s CBD and they have an incredible offer:

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