Photo Comp Winners

photo comp

May 14, 2015

After little over a week, we’ve received some fantastic entries to our photo Comp. It is officially over and the LIKES have been counted! The stakes were high for the top 3 photos… winning 2 tickets each to Warren Miller’s latest movie ‘No Turning Back’. Your choice of location – Melbourne or Sydney.

Firstly, a huge thanks to Aspen Snowmass for their collaboration in our Photo Comp. 2016 is our 21st year of working with Aspen Snowmass and all who join us on Tour are having more fun than ever!

Next up, thanks to all those who’ve entered our Photo Comp. It’s awesome to have your entries forever posted on our wall to remind us of all the good times had in Aspen! Whether joining us on Tour with your family, travelling solo or bringing a group of friends… Aspen really is the place to spend a ski holiday – catering seamlessly to everyone.

And a final big thank you to all those who have LIKED any snaps in our Photo Comp. I’m sure the winners will be very grateful for your LIKES!

And the winners of our Photo Comp are…

So here we go. Drumroll…

Well done to Catherine, with a Madeline & Max the Moose snap taking 3rd place!

2nd place goes to Megan Wilson reaching the peak of the Highlands Bowl!

And 1st place goes to Jane McNab with her tree skiing on Ajax snapshot!

Congratulations to all of our winners and well done to all those who posted a photo to our Facebook Page!

Head to our Facebook Page to view all of the Photo Comp entries and visit our homepage for a quick look at what your next Ski Aspen Tour could be like!

With many events coming up in May, we hope to see you at one of them. Keep up to date with our major announcements and action on our website, blog and social media channels.

Watch the trailer for Warren Miller’s ‘No Turning Back’.