Tour Two 2015 video

tour two 2015 video

February 10, 2015

What is there to say after another two great weeks in Aspen on Tour Two, 2015? We won’t say too much and let the Ski Aspen Tour Two 2015 video do most of the talking…

Tour Two 2015 video – What a tour!

Ski Aspen Tour Two 2015 was a tour that will be remembered for a long long time. We had a 100% guest return rate and it celebrated the 20th year of our Ski Aspen Tours. Yes, Tour Two really had us laughing, crying and celebrating from start to end. And with the end of Tour Two comes the start of Tour Three. If this video is anything to go by… bring it on!

The Tour Two 2015 video features every guest, some great conditions, the apres and a few push-ups (due to a pretty funny game).

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