Overseas ski holiday

overseas ski holiday

November 5, 2014

Where to for your next overseas ski holiday?

November is the time of year when many skiers finalise their overseas ski holiday to the Northern Hemisphere. With a huge array of choices – where do you start?

Snowy nights, blue bird days, big mountains with big terrain, empty runs and a vibrant town are what many avid skiers dream of. Most of these overseas ski holiday wants form the checklist for choosing where to go next. But have you ever ticked every box on that list?

If you’re searching for an overseas ski holiday like no other, then there’s one place where you really can have it all. It’s a place where the skiing is endless, the atmosphere is electric and the memories made are forever talked about. Its renowned as one of the best ski resorts in the world, where the rich and famous vacation and it has a secret that only those who have skied there know… it’s actually very affordable. In fact, it’s no more expensive than most US ski resorts and if you work on a per day cost, it’s cheaper than skiing in Australia.

If all this sounds too good to be true, it might just make you smile to know we’re talking about Aspen. For a resort with a reputation as big as Aspen’s, can it really offer you all of this? We’ve been skiing Aspen for 20 years and we find with each year, it continues to get better.

World-class facilities, never-ending skiing and the best après scenes are spread across not one, but four mountains. A town laced in history combined with international and local cuisine for all tastes and budgets. The long list of daily and nightly entertainment suits young and old alike. You only need to visit Aspen once to feel the magic that will lure you back time and time again.

To discover the Aspen that everyone should see, joining a tour is a great way to experience all that Aspen has to offer. You’ll ski more terrain than you’ve ever skied on an overseas ski holiday before. Also, make use of local knowledge to enjoy your time when out of ski boots. Immerse yourself in a culture blended from around the world, sharing a passion for the mountains, adventure and the snow.

Experience the overseas ski holiday of a lifetime. Join a Ski Aspen tour for the ultimate ski package, endless skiing and the winter holiday you’ll remember forever.