Aspen steep skiing

aspen steep skiing

November 10, 2014

Aspen steep skiing. Is there any better? This video (created by Ski Aspen guide Fatty) shows you it’s pretty hard to beat.

Bluebird days, chalky snow and a great crew search out the awesome Aspen steep skiing on Ajax Mountain. If your aim is to progress into skiing steeper terrain, then Ski Aspen is the perfect choice for you. We work with you to build your confidence and skills so you’re ready for all the Aspen steep skiing you want.

Aspen steep skiing with with Ski Aspen

Fatty filmed and edited this video across Tour 1, 2014. As usual, he captures all that you could want from a Ski Aspen tour – Great snow, empty slopes, more fun than you’ll have a on any other ski holiday and a team that’s there to help every turn of the way!

Ski Aspen 2015 is nearly here. We’re returning to Aspen in just 8 weeks. Will you be joining us on Tour 1 from 8-23 January? Or does Tour 4 (22 February – 9 March) suit you better?

Choose your tour, book now and get ready for the ski holiday you’ve been waiting for…