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October 13, 2014

Watch this Aspen video, then read the blog…

I know when I used to look for an overseas ski holiday, I had a list as long as my arm for what I wanted it to include. It read something like this:

  • Big Mountain skiing
  • Powder – and lots of it
  • Awesome – awesome – awesome après
  • Great accommodation next to the slopes
  • Terrain where I can push my limits in the morning and take it easy in the afternoon
  • A place where I won’t get bored – on or off the slopes.

You can guess the list went on… and the closer it got to the end, the more abstract each bullet point became. I remember thinking once “and it would be nice to have a coffee cart on the slopes so I can grab one for the chairlift and keep going…”. Yep, it was a big list.

The funny thing is, arriving into Aspen, you immediately realize that you’ll be ticking lots off of your list – straight away. Being introduced to Aspen by Ski Aspen, everything on my list above, including the coffee cart, was there. I didn’t have to look hard for anything, from good coffee to incredible terrain.

Each Ski Aspen tour allows us all to get the best out of being in Aspen. And if you haven’t watched our Aspen video yet, then take a minute and have a look…

We wanted to give a quick glimpse into what the Ski Aspen 2015 world will be like. Showing a small snippet is all it takes to want to see more. Seeing a few seconds of a powder filled bowl, two turns in the trees or our guests having a ball, makes us re-live the fun and excitement. This Ski Aspen video will get anyone who’s been to Aspen before, set to return to the ski resort we know and love.

Enjoy this Ski Aspen video. Watch it again. See what you can expect from each Ski Aspen 2015 tour. And if you want more, check out the individual tour videos for 2015.

This playlist shows you our available tour videos.

If you’ve already booked – get excited! If you haven’t, then the Ski Aspen video playlist might help you decide which tour is best for you. No matter which tour you join, we look forward to sharing the Aspen experience with you.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have or to talk skiing, snow or Ski Aspen!

Paul Smythe

Ski Aspen