Highlands Bowl

highlands bowl

October 8, 2014

What’s it like to ski the Highlands bowl?

The Highlands Bowl is on Aspen Highlands and is one of Aspen’s highlights. All up, it’s an amazing experience that involves a hike with 360 degree views followed by a ski that’s hard to beat.

Never ski the Highlands Bowl by yourself. With Ski Aspen, safety is our number one priority. Those who want to ski the Highlands Bowl always go in a group with a Ski Aspen guide.

Start the morning with a few warm ups. It’s also a good idea to bring a backpack (with a drink) or purchase ski straps from the ski patrol so you don’t have to hold or carry your skis on your shoulder. When the Highlands Bowl has been opened (usually around 10.30am depending on weather and snow conditions) its time to begin.

Ski straight off the top of Loge Peak chair and through the gates. Its worthwhile waiting for the dedicated Snow-Cat to take you up the first part of the journey. Hop in the trailer (with seating). It’ll take you up for a few minutes. From here the hiking begins.

With your skis on your pack or straps, prepare for an awesome journey. The hike takes you along the ridgeline meandering its way to the peak.

For the average person of moderate fitness, the hike will take you 30-40 minutes. However, time disappears in the blink of an eye, thanks to the captivating views. On each side are the adjacent mountains and tracks on your left lead off into the Bowl – the steepest areas to ski. Taking a break once in a while is a good idea to catch your breath, have a drink and enjoy the scenery.

Reaching the peak at 12,392 feet, you’ll stop in awe. Look back at the hike to reach this point and consider the routes you want to ski. Photos are a must and smiles are easy.

Deciding which way to reward your efforts is the best part so far. There are routes for skiers who are capable on black runs all the way through to expert double black terrain. Our Ski Aspen guides know the best routes for our guests and will advise you on where to ski. It’s an incredible ski decent.

Once you’ve made it down the Highlands Bowl, the adventure isn’t over yet. Take a look at what you’ve skied and prepare for more adventure to reach the Deep Temerity chairlift. There are trees, gullies and great pitches before reaching the chair.

By now, its usually lunchtime and your choices are the Merry-go-round restaurant or Cloud 9 Bistro. Depending on your afternoon wants, we’ll explain which to choose in our next blog.

See the action in this Highlands Bowl video.

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