Aspen Highlands for lunch

aspen highlands

October 15, 2014

A little place on Aspen Highlands

There are many reasons why Aspen Highlands is a favourite of so many. The range of skiing for novice/intermediate skiers, through to the steeps of Deep Temerity and Olympic Bowl for advanced and experts. The famous Highlands Bowl overlooks it all – waiting for you to ski it.

One experience that nobody should miss at Aspen Highlands is lunch. If you’re intending to ski all day, choose the Merry-go-round for international cuisine from Asian to Italian and everything in between.

But if you’re looking for a lunch with a bit more, the only choice is Cloud 9. Book a table in advance and don’t be late! Sensational European food including fondue and raclette is served either in the restaurant or on the deck. There are two lunch sittings available and you’ve got to choose the later one every time.

Be prepared for the subtle restaurant charm to explode into something that words can hardly describe. By 3/3.30pm, plates are cleared, the music gets louder and the dancing begins. Before you know it, there’s champagne corks popping and the restaurant you started lunch in has become the best après venue in the USA. As you’ll see, it doesn’t take long before you join in dancing too!

The party continues until 4.00pm, when everyone gives the last song their all and you leave feeling full, happy and amazed that your afternoon turned out exactly like this!

Cloud 9 is two thirds of the way up Aspen Highlands, so you ski down, with the sun behind you, passing people singing their own versions of the best songs from the afternoon!

Anyone who has been to Cloud 9 on Aspen Highlands will say the same – its one of the most unbelievable lunchtimes you can have. No matter what day you go, the good times always roll…

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