How cold is Aspen?

how cold is aspen

September 18, 2014

Before you arrive you’ll want to know – how cold is Aspen?

It’s an important factor in deciding where to go, when to go and what to pack. So how cold is Aspen?

Aspen is known for its sunny days and snowy nights. Its not uncommon for the temperature to read colder than it feels due to the dry air and sunshine that Colorado receives thanks to its geographical location. A question we get asked a lot is “how cold is Aspen through December, January and February?” It’s always best to prepare for cold temperatures through these months. The chart below indicates average temperatures throughout winter.

Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr
Average High 1ºC 2ºC 3ºC 7ºC 10ºC
Average -5ºC -6ºC -5ºC -1ºC -1ºC
Average Low -13ºC -13ºC -12ºC -9ºC -13ºC

As our tours span the middle of winter, pack for the cold with thermals and layers. It’s always better to remove layers through being too hot, instead of not having enough and being cold. Aspen has plenty of storage at the base of each mountain so it’s never an issue storing any belongings throughout the day.

Layering correctly will prevent getting cold. Start with the base later. Highly recommended are merino wool base layers for their thermal retaining properties. Second is a long sleeve skivvy or similar to build a zone of warm air between the two layers. For those who feel the cold, the next layer should be a wind proof fleece or inner jacket – designed to offer protection from wind and moisture. Aspen is known for its dry conditions – even the snow is much lighter and dryer than back home.

The final layer is your ski jacket. Depending on personal preference, you should choose an insulated jacket or a shell. If you want to be safe, an insulated jacket is the better choice. Then you can always remove a layer if necessary. A shell offers wind protection but very little insulation.

There are some days where a cold snap can come through and drop temperatures dramatically. On these rarer days, it’s not uncommon to see thermometers reading -20c. On occasions like this, short bursts outside with regular warm ups are recommended – hot chocolate being the best currency to deal with the cold!

How cold is Aspen right now? See live pictures of Aspen.

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