Best runs in Aspen

best runs in aspen

September 24, 2014

So what are the best runs in Aspen?

When you ski Aspen, you won’t just be skiing one mountain – Four mountains make up the resort of Aspen. You’ll never run out of terrain and no matter what you’re looking for, Aspen has it.

Four mountains means a huge number of runs. Add them all together and you get an incredible number… 336 marked runs!  So which are the best runs in Aspen? With more than 20 years of skiing Aspen under our belt, we’ve selected a few of our favourite runs for each of the four mountains to share with you. Click on the mountain’s name below for more information on each…

Buttermilk has 44 runs. Some of our favourites are:

  • Green – Larkspur
  • Blue –Savio & Buckspin
  • Black –Javelin & Racers edge

Aspen (Ajax) Mountain has 76 runs. With so many great runs to choose, we’ve narrowed our favourites down to:

  • Blue – Ruthies, Gents ridge & Dipsey Doodle
  • Black – Back of Bell 1 & Pussyfoot Steeps
  • Double Black – Walsh’s, Kristi and Silver Queen

Aspen Highlands has a huge 122 runs and is a locals favourite. One of our favourite experiences is skiing the Highlands bowl (which we’ll cover in another blog soon). Our choice of the best runs in Aspen Highlands are:

  • Green – Exhibition & Apple Strudel
  • Blue – Meadows & Scarlett’s
  • Black – Suzie Q & Boomerang
  • Double Black –Everything in Deep Temerity & Olympic Bowl!

Aspen Snowmass has a massive 94 runs and each never seems to end! You’ve earned a dip in the hot tub after a day skiing at Snowmass! Heres our choice of runs:

  • Green – Funnel bypass & Max Park
  • Blue – Long Shot, Gunners View, Naked Lady & Sneaky’s
  • Black – Garret’s Gulch, Slot & Campground
  • Double Black – Hanging Valley wall & Powderhorn

Choosing Ski Aspen will allow you to ski the best runs in Aspen with experienced guides while improving your skiing ability.

Feel free to contact us for our 10 things you must know booklet on Aspen, or view more on our 2015 tours.