Ski Aspen creates a social media storm

Ski Aspen social media

July 5, 2014

The Ski Aspen online presence is growing for you

Ask yourself this one question – What is it that made your last tour?

Was it the place?  The people?  The fun and games? The on-snow or off-snow action?  Or was it simply something that was so different to the norm that it has you hooked?  We know there are many reasons and they should never be forgotten.

As such, we’re aiming to capture our favourite moments and share them with you.  We’ve gone all out to make sure that our Ski Aspen content, images and everything in between reaches you – wherever you are!

We’re regularly adding to our YouTube channel with all of the clowning around captured and forever immortalised, no matter how funny (or embarrassing) – ready to be replayed at a click of the mouse.  Scenic panoramas, racing, crashes, celebrations, chairlift chat and powder days all applicable for YouTube!

Our Twitter account is expanding and offers you short, quick tips and advice on prepping for the winter ahead.  @SkiAspen2015 will be keeping you up to date with snow forecasts and instant updates from the slopes – wherever we are.

Google+ is up and running, creating circles and a following that is helping to spread the Ski Aspen word even further.  You’ll discover favourite moments, while linking to circles of interest that would otherwise be hard to find.

The Ski Aspen Instagram account keeps you laughing with funny snaps from any location. Meanwhile, any picturesque or inspirational photos will be added to Flickr.  With near daily updates, be sure not to miss either of these.

And last but by no means least, Facebook.  We have established a Ski Aspen page for anyone who has an interest in following Ski Aspen – for updates and to be kept in the loop with important info and news.

But considering Ski Aspen has a broader, more social community – who love the banter and want the on-tour antics year round – become a friend of the Ski Aspen Facebook account.  Being our Facebook friend will unlock the Ski Aspen that you know and love – Stories, hilarious photos, funny conversations, competitions and special offers.  All of this and more is offered to our Facebook friends’ first – with some things being offered to them exclusively.

The Ski Aspen community is a group of friends that live all over the world.  Our aim is to open up the door to keep us all in touch, because the good times never have to end and will never be forgotten.

So follow us across these social media platforms and re-live your Ski Aspen adventures with us!