Aspen ski resort in 2014 and beyond

aspen ski resort

June 17, 2014

If you’re thinking of Aspen ski resort – read on

While we wait in anticipation of snow in Australia to kick start our winter season, we invite you to take a look at our latest video from Aspen ski resort.  The video is of Tour 3 and will definitely make you smile, laugh, or maybe even cry.  It’ll take anyone who joined us on tour this year, right back to the good times.  Or it’ll give those who are thinking of joining us in Aspen ski resort, an incredible insight into what you can expect in 2015.

Our videos let you see a little into the Ski Aspen world, where skiing is a passion of both our guides and guests – where the blend of epic snow conditions, the scale of terrain, the town and its amenities all feature in some way, showcasing to you, our favourite place – Aspen ski resort.

We can thank Nick Farr for the handy video editing, collaborating plenty of on-hill action with some of the great thrills and the spills, while making sure you see the off snow action doesn’t necessarily mean you need to take your ski boots off. Go on – find out a little more about this special Aspen ski resort venue from the video… you know you want too!

Aspen ski resort is rated North America’s number one, year after year.  Join us there to experience it for yourself.  There’s no better way to get excited for your 2015 tour than by watching our videos and seeing what you’re in for.

See what Ski Aspen can do for you and what’s included. Or view photos from a number of recent tours throughout our time in the famous Aspen ski resort.  Each gallery is filled with all the action from endless slopes to the awesome apres scene.