Add-ons for the best ski resort in Colorado – Ski Aspen

best ski resort in colorado

May 15, 2014

Our choice of ski resort in Colorado – Aspen Snowmass.  It only gets better with Ski Aspen

Ski Aspen is continually improving your experience with us.  It’s one reason why we can celebrate such a large returning guest rate year after year.  And following on from our strengths and successes over the last 20 years, we are proud to announce that once again, we are raising the bar for your next tour to our favourite ski resort in Colorado.

We have put together two specific “Add-on” packages to add to your perfect holiday in the ultimate ski resort in Colorado:

The Service Package

Arrive at your accommodation to a perfectly chilled bottle of French Champagne.  Open the fridge to find it’s not empty but filled for your first night and the next morning.  These small touches help to make your arrival into Aspen that little  bit more enjoyable.

You have a dedicated team member to respond to your needs and requests, keeping your holiday hassle-free from start to finish.  Whatever you need, your Ski Aspen concierge is there to assist you directly.  Your concierge also doubles as one of your guides while on snow each day.

At the end of the day, as you have transferred your skis and poles to the next mountain we are skiing, all the heavy lifting has been taken out of the travel between the slopes and your accommodation.

The Performance Package

If you are always keen for more on-snow action, then take advantage of two extra on-snow days with one of our guides.  You can choose to keep it a private one-on-one experience or have your friends join you.  The focus of each day is about what you want to do.  If you want to explore somewhere new, learn how to do something better or just go skiing with one of the team, you can.

Two additional video analysis sessions help to show exactly what and how you need to be working on – with Ski Aspen, you really do have the ability to improve your skiing.

Have your personal equipment prepared for you in the best ski resort in Colorado, with a ski tune from Aspen Sports, making sure that your skis are in top condition.  But if you want to try a higher performance ski or the conditions require a powder ski, then you have 3 days of rentals to use other skis – helping to enhance your on-snow performance.

With both our Service and Performance packages, you’ll take away 10 minutes of personal ski footage from your trip to have as a constant reminder of how much fun you had, how much you improved and how special your holiday to the best ski resort in Colorado really was.

View more about our new Add-on packages for our only choice of ski resort in Colorado.