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usa ski holidays

April 28, 2014

Sharing our passion for USA Ski Holidays

To our blog readers and social media followers, this goes out to you.  When it comes to USA ski holidays, you can’t beat Aspen Snowmass. Most of you have joined us in Aspen on more than one occasion. Why is that?  Think back to your first tour with us, the excitement of skiing in a new resort that comes with the world’s most captivating reputation.  What did you hope for?  What did you expect?

For nearly all our guests, just remembering the magic of your first USA ski holiday is enough to ignite your interest for the next.  For example, those who joined us in 2014 witnessed our passion for reaching new heights.  We introduced a new on-snow program with improvements to benefit you.  Your passion as our guests is always noticed and the feedback you give each year aids our advance into the future.

The stories you tell to family, friends and colleagues is enough to get them excited.  But can they experience the essence of Aspen Snowmass without ever having been there?  We think not.  Our new guests that join us each year all finish their tour with us with this statement:

“That was the best ski holiday I’ve ever had!”

Aspen Snowmass has an ambiance to it that is unrivalled.  You know this and we know this. And not just from books and magazines as we’ve all lived it. And we want to live it again and again. And at Ski Aspen we want to share our enthusiasm and knowledge equally. We want to share with new guests the Aspen Snowmass way of life; as we once showed you.  Our tours are capped at 25 guests per tour, so that we can maintain our unbeatable six or less guests to guide ratio. As such, there is never the worry that our tours will become less intimate.

For our Aspen Snowmass 2015 tours, to ensure that we deliver what we promise and more, we have added a 4th tour to our USA ski holidays calendar.  This ensures you keep receiving all that you expect, whilst allowing us the ability to introduce new guests into our Aspen way of life.

Ski Aspen’s promise to you is second to none.  Help us share our passion for our USA ski holidays to Aspen Snowmass with others. Join us on Facebook and Twitter and like, share and retweet our posts so that we can reach more like minded people.  The social aspects of our tours are renowned as the best in the business, and we are determined to make it even better!

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