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“Tour No. 5 for us this year. Better than ever.”

Brett and Janet Fleming (Melbourne)
5 Tours!

“Ski Aspen offers a brilliant skiing holiday with expert guiding and technical advice. It's fun and challenging and you get to experience the best Aspen has to offer on and off all four mountains. I've been coming for ten years and it just gets better and better every year.”

Nicole Johnston (Brisbane)
10 Tours!

“The Ski Aspen tour exceeded my expectations in so many areas. A professional operation with very experienced staff, I came away from the tour improving my confidence, knowledge and love for the snow. But it wasn't all serious and revolving around instruction. The staff are fun, know how to show their participants a great time and the clients who return year after year are testimony that once is not enough. It's a great way to use your time efficiently. I could not have covered as much terrain or the variety of terrain without the local knowledge of the guides. Their love for Aspen is infectious. I'll be doing it again.”

Stephanie Cannon (Perth)
2013, 2014

“Thanks so much for such a wonderful adventure. Skiing has never been so much fun. The instructors / guides are first rate and we had an amazing time with a great group of people. The number of repeat customers is testament to the quality of the product. We'll definitely do it again.”

Ivana Cola (Sydney)

“Each tour has become better than the last and now with many return guests we have great friends and great instruction on some of the best slopes in The USA. I would thoroughly recommend this tour to anyone of intermediate and above ability.”

Margaret McNiel (Melbourne)
6 Tours!

“I was on Ski Aspen 2014 Tour 1. This was the most awesome skiing experience with huge runs and fantastic guiding and instruction. Heaps of snow, sun and no crowds. They have taken my skiing beyond the next level! What more can you ask for.”

Andrew Fock (Melbourne)
2014 & 2017

“A fantastic experience that will improve your skiing and bring alive a beautiful mountain town. Thanks to the amazing team for making this tour one of the best ski holidays ever!”

Bish Bojdak (Sydney)

“Aspen - best place on earth. Excellent guidance and instruction by highly qualified and experienced skiers. Great value for money. I will definitely come again. Thanks Ski Aspen.”

Karyn Morgan (Sydney)
2014 & 2016

“Was one of my best experiences on snow - and I’ve had lots! Great skiing and great staff!”

Martina Podesta (Italy)

“My first trip with Ski Aspen - I will be back! One of our best ever holidays, a chance to not only improve my skiing but also explore amazing parts of the Aspen area ski fields that I would have lacked the confidence to visit alone. Was also great to ski with instructors and guides who were friendly, supportive and made the "hard stuff" feel very safe.”

Jean Starling (Sydney)
2014 & 2015