Tour 3 2015 video

tour 3 2015 video

February 26, 2015

It’s been an incredible year for Ski Aspen so far. Time is flying by and we’re now on to our final trip of the season. With snow forecast all this week, keep your eyes peeled for some awesome powder videos and photos. And to get you rev’ed up for more, check out our latest media release – the Tour 3 2015 video below

No animals were hurt in the making of the Tour 3 2015 video.

The Tour 3 2015 video contains all the usual moments with some added extras. And if you’re wondering why the horse features – just wait for a blog from Ski Aspen guide Attila!

We think this video captures the social side of our Ski Aspen Tours perfectly. It’s not all about the on-slope action as you’ll see. We celebrate the days turns with Apres events, dinners out and various other activities throughout each Tour – making a holiday with Ski Aspen like no other ski trip out there.

Enjoy the Tour 3 2015 video and we look forward to welcoming you in 2016.