Yoga for skiing

December 1, 2014

Yoga Corner’s guide to yoga for skiing

With thanks to our good friends at Yoga Corner, Melbourne CBD’s first dedicated hot yoga studio, we can provide our guests and blog readers with this fantastic yoga for skiing guide:

Yoga for skiing

In the lead up to any ski trip, it’s always good to get into some sort of pre-skiing fitness, whether that’s hitting the gym, cycling, swimming or simply stretching. While building your cardio fitness is a great benefit (allowing you to ski harder, for longer), preparing with our yoga for skiing guide will help pre-condition our bodies for skiing, allowing us to wake up our ski muscles before arriving in Aspen and help prevent muscle tweaks and minor injuries.

The practice of yoga has a vast array of benefits for the body and mind. Our yoga for skiing guide will give you an individual experience with yoga, not just in the lead up to your Ski Aspen Tour, but far beyond. As you practice, you’ll find that while the poses stay the same, they will evolve and change with your ability, confidence and flexibility. For this reason, yoga will never get boring.

Even if you’ve never tried yoga, our yoga for skiing guide will help put you on a pathway to improve your overall flexibility and strength for skiing, other sports and general day-to-day activities.

One of the most difficult yet rewarding things with yoga is learning to let go and be in the moment.

Yoga Corner Introductory Offer

Whether you live in Melbourne or find yourself here for a holiday/work trip, Yoga Corner has an awesome introductory offer:

2 weeks of unlimited yoga for $45!

Visit for more. We thank Amy & Nick again for producing our yoga for skiing Guide!

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