King of the Colorado ski resorts

colorado ski resorts

June 23, 2014

Enhance your holiday in the best of the Colorado ski resorts

As guests of Ski Aspen, you are able to select from our unique Premium Features, taking your holiday to the next level. Most Colorado ski resorts provide you with a high level of service.  Our new Premium Features have been designed to offer you more of what you want, while in the best of the best.

Extra on-snow days with our guides allow you to hone your general skills or you can get specific.  Break it down and use the extra video analysis sessions to see your improvements.  Test out the gear that is most appropriate to each task – performance skis through to powder boards.  Meanwhile, your personal equipment receives the delicate tuning touch from the Aspen Sports team.  If your goal is to improve, then choose Ski Aspen to utilise the best of the Colorado ski resorts – Aspen.

Relax from arrival in our favourite of the Colorado ski resorts, knowing that Ski Aspen will take of everything.  Arrive to a chilled bottle of Verve – with strawberries of course.  Begin your holiday immediately as the fridge is stocked, so all you need to do is move in and enjoy.  Trust that your dinner reservations are taken care of by your very own Ski Aspen Concierge.  Easily transfer your skis between mountains with your own ski transfer pass – taking the heavy lifting out of your journey to and from the slopes.  And don’t forget to book your massage to unwind after your first days back on the slopes.

With both of our Premium features, you’ll also receive 10 minutes video footage of you skiing to take home.

Choosing which of the Colorado ski resorts has just become even easier.