A morning with the Ski Aspen guides

April 19, 2014

A morning with the Ski Aspen guides…

Ski Aspen has built a team that brings together qualifications, knowledge and experience that are near impossible to compete with.  To list just a few, on any given tour, Ski Aspen has year round Ski Instructors, Ski Instructor Trainers and Ski Patrollers leading you all over the resort.  This means that you are skiing with the best – people who live and breathe the winter life for the majority of their year, some doing back to back winters for as long as they can remember.

Starting the day with a trip to The Aspen Club, some of the team complete a workout before sunrise, where the day’s strategy is discussed, taking into account snow conditions, weather forecasts and the choice of runs and terrain for the day.  After breakfast, its boots on and out to the meeting place, where each guide waits by their group sign.  You arrive, select your group for the day, and once your group has formed, that’s it, your guide whisks you away for a morning of exhilaration.

Once the skis are on, your guide will lead you through an on-snow warm up to wake up any muscles that weren’t quite ready, then you’re into it – the exploring begins.  Your guide knows all 4 Aspen mountains backwards, so to ski Aspen with our team, you can be sure that will discover places you never knew existed, whether you have skied Aspen before or not.  Your guide will be constantly assessing your progress highlighting any tips and tactics that will further your ability.  Any personal request, like skiing the bumps are easily catered for each day.  And building your skills in this terrain is what our guides love to do.  It’s their passion.  Individual attention and improvement in a group situation is what we are renowned for.  The blend of guiding and instructional content is tailored to suit exactly what you want, but with the benefit of friends; new and old with you.

After a full morning of on-snow action, we all re-group at lunch and the stories, antics and amusements from the day so far are swapped across all groups.  After the lunch break, we are back out there, skiing until when suits you, an early finish or sometimes the last lift, our Ski Aspen guides really deliver you the on-snow holiday you’ve dreamed of.

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