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Aspen Snowmass

The best Aspen ski holiday

Ski Aspen is an Australian based business that operates guided and instructional ski tours in Aspen Snowmass, Colorado.  Founded in 1995, we are now in our 20th year of operation.

With 20 years experience, we know how to put an Aspen Ski Holiday together. And when it comes to Aspen Snowmass, our Aspen tours are the benchmark product in the industry for good reason. Renowned for incredible service and unbelievable experiences both on and off the slopes, today our tours enjoy a remarkable 65% guest return rate each year.

From our inaugural tour in 1996, we’ve focused on delivering a product that revolves around great skiing, great service and a social experience to match. And as we continue to build on our successes and strengths each year, through serious attention to detail, we have evolved into the business that you see before you today – with guests returning for their 9th, 10th and even 11th Aspen ski holiday with us.  We are humbled by our exceptional guest return rate, but as you’ll discover, providing you with an unrivalled experience time and time again is our aim for each and every guest that joins our Aspen tours.

Ski Aspen has handpicked its team for each tour from a long list of qualified and experienced professionals, each with their own set of skills, a passion for Aspen and a love of skiing, that make our team stand out from the crowd.  We aim to make each tour more superior than the last by continually improving not only your holiday but also our collective skills. This gives you the confidence that you are holidaying with the best and that your needs and wants will be taken care of without restrictions

In providing the facilities and services that we do, you are safe in the knowledge that your Aspen ski holiday will be the ski experience of a lifetime. Our tried and tested combination of skiing, après, social events, relaxing downtime and exhilarating moments – both on and off snow – will soon have you ensconced as a member of our Ski Aspen family.  Ski Aspen is not just our job or our business; it’s our way of life.

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